AAPG’s partners and associates have worked with a wide range of government and private-sector clients in many countries. Although the vast majority of AAPG’s work is strictly confidential, below are a few examples of non-confidential client engagements:

  • AECOM.  Throughout Asia, the Middle East, and Africa:  Consulting, advising, and networking to maximize competitive advantage in the region.
  • Saffron Consortium.  Afghanistan:  Provided on-the-ground advisory and support services to consortium comprising international mining, infrastructure, and financial firms.  Bid on two tender areas in the 2012 Afghan Ministry of Mines mineral tendering process.
  • United States Department of Defense Task Force for Business Stability Operations (TFBSO). Afghanistan: Advising on Afghan culture, power structure and tribal engagement.
  • US Office of the Secretary of Defense: Defense Threat Reduction Agency. Washington, DC: Consulting and advising on developments in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran.
  • US Central Command (CENTCOM). Tampa, FL; Afghanistan: Advising on political and social developments; acting as liaison between client and local government; providing analysis and advice on developments in Pakistan and Iran.
  • Arkel International. Baton Rouge, LA; Afghanistan: Providing regional security expertise.
  • Defense Group Inc. Afghanistan: Consulted on government relations; maintained communication between firm and Afghan government officials, including president, cabinet members, military commanders, and parliamentarians.
  • OleumTech Corporation. Bahrain: Consulting and liaising with ARAMCO, as well as Bahrain- and Abu Dhabi-based oil companies.
  • Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC): Security consulting and regional expertise.
  • Texaco: International hydrocarbon projects in central Asia.
  • Triple Canopy, Inc.: Security consulting and regional expertise.